Success Stories

The work.inspired video series began with the idea of telling the stories of inspiring people whom we’ve worked with through the years. Through passion and experience, they have discovered career fulfillment and contributed to the well-being of their organizations and communities. In this video series we capture the powerful stories of how they achieved success through meaningful careers that challenged their intellects, broadened their understanding, used their skill sets, and unleashed their potential.
  • Lynn Stainbrook, Executive Director at Rockford Public Library

    “It seemed like the community was calling. It was like, ‘Here is my wonderful opportunity to put all of this together and to do it from beginning to end.'”
  • Norma, Every Ready Pin

    It has always been a struggle to find people to work. Workplace Staffing helps us hire employees when we need them.
  • Mike Johnson, Concentric

    “I started out as a machinist and I did that for two years. Then I got an opportunity to be a team leader in the area I was working in.”
  • Fred Young, Forest City Gear

    Every applicant can picture a “dream job” and every business has a “dream employee.” Our job is to match the two. We take time to understand each business partner and applicant to align the right talent to the right business.
  • Patti Bigger, Corporate Relations Manager at Specialty Screw

    “I think you have to have a positive attitude, an open mind, and above everything else you have to have integrity.”
  • Chris Dumelle, Petroleum Technician at Stenstrom Petroleum

    “No matter what you’re trying to do in your life, you have to be willing to take opportunities and risks and see what happens with them. Because unless you try something you never know how it’s going to go.”
  • Erica Pugh, Kettle Foods

    “I’ve learned a lot of stuff since I’ve been here. I’ve met a lot of awesome people that work here, from the HR office to the plant manager to my co-workers. It’s been amazing since I’ve been working here.”
  • Joani, Corporate Paralegal

    “I want to be challenged. I don’t want to be bored, and there’s never a boring day when you’re a paralegal.”
  • Peter Provenzano, CEO of SupplyCore

    “Creating individual, familial, organizational and community wealth have been primary motivators from the beginning.”