Industrial Sales ROCKSTAR Needed

Posted 1 month ago

WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR… A dyed-in-the-wool sales veteran with John Wayne’s grit, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s wisdom, and Kate McKinnon’s jokes who knows how (and how not) to sell to manufacturers throughout the Midwest. We need someone who’s made the mistakes, learned the lessons, and came out the backside as a better salesperson. We’re looking for someone who KNOWS the manufacturing/industrial sales market and can help apply their skills to selling a different kind of product. You’ve spent your career selling metal stuff, fluids, circuit boards, plastic bits, and all other flavors of manufactured widgets so you already know how to connect with industrial clients like a BOSS.


We’re a growing industrial construction and design firm…in a nutshell, we sell industrial facilities. We design, renovate, build, and develop manufacturing plants, machine shops, logistics facilities, distribution warehouses, and factories for the EXACT SAME clients you’ve already been selling to. The Imperien team provides complete turn-key packages including site selection, financing incentives, real-estate brokerage, architectural/engineering design, and construction management.


· Honesty, Kindness, and Humility

· A healthy dose of self-confidence, and enough self-understanding to know your shortcomings

· Successful career of at least 10 years in manufacturing sales

· It doesn’t matter what widgets you sold! – We build factories of all kinds!

· Self-motivated to sell without direct supervision

· Deep understanding of the SALES PROCESS and how to connect with clients

· Know the difference between Business Development and Sales (hint: I’m going to ask you about that in the interview)

· Animal Lover – Our office dog Clyde is an excellent judge of character and if he doesn’t like you the interview is probably over

· We’re a pet-friendly office and honestly, if you don’t like that, you’re kind of a terrible person


As our Business Development Manager, you’ll be helping us continue to grow the business by utilizing your strong ability to connect and develop relationships! You’ll be successful by:

  • Working collaboratively with the owner to develop and implement a solid sales strategy
  • Developing and maintaining trusted relationships with clients in the industrial/commercial industry
  • Identifying new clients through a variety of methods, including your ROCK-STAR networking/cold-calling skills
  • Working closely with clients to assess facility needs
  • Work closely with the pre-construction team to provide solutions based on client needs and budget
  • Working hard and having fun! OH…and you’ll make money!!

Here it is! The part you’ve been scrolling through to find! –


Our financial model is probably a bit different than you’re used to at a manufacturer. When we represent a client on a construction project, we take the electrician, the plumber, and the carpenter’s contract costs and pass them through to the client directly. Then we have our direct management costs, insurance, permits, and a bunch of other stuff added on.

Finally, at the bottom, we’ve got our construction management fee which covers all profit and overhead. The fee varies between 5% and 10% of the total contract cost depending on the size of the contract. The fee is also really the only part of the contract that gets negotiated since all of the other line items are direct costs. You’ll get a 20% cut of our total fee negotiated on a project – and you’ll be an integral part of that negotiation.

Typical fees usually look like:

Up to $100k total project cost – 10% total fee

Up to $250k total project cost – 9% total fee

Up to $1M total project cost – 6% total fee

Up to $5M total project cost – 5% total fee

Up to $10M total project cost – 4% total fee

$50M project between 2.5% and 4%

Remember, you’re not selling 10,000 widgets at a $1.50 list price anymore – it’s a single building at millions of dollars. A reasonable goal for a single salesperson in a year would be in the neighborhood of $20M.

Our compensation plan is designed to support you through the learning process with a multi-year ramp-up salary plus generous commissions!

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