Celebrating National Staffing Employee Week!

| September 17, 2020

workplace is pleased to join other members of the American Staffing Association in acknowledging the contribution made by the more than 17 million temporary and contract employees hired by staffing companies each year. We also share our gratitude with the numerous partners who provide safe and productive work environments.

In our role as a connector of talent and opportunity, we strive to produce positive outcomes for our clients and candidates. – LoRayne Logan, Founder & President

The role of the staffing industry has evolved as companies and candidates chose a strategic partner to help achieve their goals and fulfill talent needs. Today, staffing employees help the industry generate $138.5 billion into the US economy. Staffing employees play a vital and make a key contribution of a flexible workforce planning. They work in all areas of our country, in all sectors of the nation’s economy and in all levels and functional areas of our organizations. Their reasons for working with a staffing firm are as varied as they are.

Since our inception, workplace has placed a high value on the women and men who choose to work as staffing employees. We recognized their capabilities and interests and have set forth to connect them with employment opportunities that will be fulfilling and correlate with their goals. We believe that the better we do our job, the better they will perform at their new worksite and the sooner our client will meet its performance metrics. We are grateful for the third generation of family members who now trust us to be a partner in their search for a quality job.

When we think of the brand we aspire to build, we think of the importance of respect and integrity – these values are anchored in our relationships with our past and present employees, our clients and our community. As we earn the trust of others, we strive to build strong relationships and contribute to exceptional results and enhanced work environments.

This week we encourage everyone to think about and appreciate staffing employees and the important roles they play in today’s workforce and economy.