6 reasons to hire a recruiter

| August 26, 2020

Competition for top talent is fierce and finding the right candidate is even more important in today’s job market. During these unprecedented times, employers are dealing with business and economic uncertainty, new safety concerns and a labor shortage. Posting jobs, asking contacts for referrals, reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries all take valuable time away from a business owner or manager’s obligations. An executive recruiter can help alleviate some of the stress.

1. Attract the Best Talent

Experienced recruiters have developed an extensive network built to find and retain talent. They know where to look for the right candidates for a specific role regardless if the candidate is currently “on the market.” Because the most qualified candidate may not be actively looking for a job, they know how to effectively source both active and passive candidates.

2. Save Time and Money

Just think about how many resumes you receive with each job posting. Does your internal HR staff have the time to sort and sift through all of the candidates? Reviewing resumes, evaluating candidates, conducting initial phone screenings and scheduling interviews is extremely time consuming. A recruiter takes care of all this and more, leaving time for your HR staff to focus on their main job duties. Recruiters are trained in the art of screening candidates so that you interview only the most qualified for the position. When you hire the most qualified and best fit, businesses generally have to spend less time and money training the new employee.

3. Reduce Turnover

Harvard Business Review says 80 percent of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, and that those decisions can cost more than five times the annual salary of the bad hire. A recruiter will properly vet the candidates to find the most qualified, best fit for your company and the role.

4. Create the Right Profile for the Role

A skilled recruiter has the experience and expertise to assist with determining what your ideal hire looks like. The recruiter takes the time on the front end to sit down with the hiring mangers to get a complete picture of the position. Using industry knowledge and current experiences, the recruiter will be able to help define the scope of the position, determine the best culture fit and set realistic expectations in regard to salary, level of experience and availability of candidates.

5. Communicate with Candidates

Communication is key. Successful recruiters must be excellent communicators because they spend all day talking to candidates about their resumes and background while spotting red flags and asking the right questions to determine a candidate’s motivation and what they would need in order to consider making a move. Recruiters are also skilled at gathering information regarding a candidate’s job search, including other companies with which they are interviewing and how they would react to a counteroffer.

6. Partnering for Future Success

Retaining a search firm and planning strategically for your future needs can help prevent costly mistakes. A recruiter with whom you’ve developed a relationship with will always be on the lookout for the right talent for your company.  If you always wait until you have significant need then the candidates will be harder to find. In addition, you’ll pay more than you need to and a rush to decision can lead to a bad hire. Great recruiters are in the market everyday — seeking out the game-changers — not just the “actively looking” candidates.  Game changers are busy being successful in their current roles – often with your competitors.

A recruiter can bring a lot of value to your next candidate search. They leverage the experience and expertise that companies need to hire the best candidates for the position and their culture. Do you want ease the stress of finding the right candidate and avoid the expense and headache of bad hires? Then call in a professional.