workplace Celebrates 25 Years


Twenty-five years ago, I began workplace with a clear intention to help reliable individuals find meaningful work and to help companies produce and prosper with the aid of a strong workforce.  We celebrate the remarkable journey we’ve experienced.

Rewards and challenges have marked the days and years.  Many dreams have been realized. Innumerable lives have been touched, and some have been changed.  No disappointment ever rivaled the satisfaction.  We have learned about achieving, leading, dedication, persistence, reinventing, aspiring and inspiring.   We recognize the responsibility we hold to each individual and organization that trusts us. We value the relationships which have supported and affected us.  We are better because of each of you.

The company, like our community, is different from what it was in 1988.  We have rebounded from the disappointing loss of Atwood, Amerock, AO Smith, Ello and others.  We commend and applaud the companies who have stayed the course, survived the pressure of economic downturns and increasing regulations, and who continue to be good regional employers.

We understand that creating new customers is critical to success, in fact to our very survival.  We are excited by the employment opportunities available at innovative newer employers found throughout the region, such as Savant Capital Management and SupplyCore.

We even find humor when we interview the 3rd generation of a family whom we’ve helped find work.  We think less about becoming older and more about what a privilege it is to make a difference.

With the profound need for job creation and workforce development we look forward to the years ahead.  We believe in the promise of returned prosperity to this region and are eager to continue our support. The current and upcoming global war for talent will require strategic and powerful initiatives by all leaders.  We are committed to leading in talent acquisition.

Thank you for trusting us since 1988. Jack and all the members of our team join me in appreciation for your contribution to our success.  In the days ahead we hope you’ll visit and use our new website as one means of staying in touch with us.

Best regards,

LoRayne Logan