Temp-To-Hire Placement

Are you adding to your staff?  Through aggressive recruiting and screening, we assure every position is filled with a qualified employee that fits your work culture.What motivates her?  Is he cut out to be a team player?  Is she a self-starter?  Does he enjoy learning?  Does she have the right computer skills? Does he have mechanical aptitude? …Know a little bit about someone and you can tell a lot about their potential for success in your organization.

we attract the best talent

As a result of the global skills gap, today’s employers need a strategic staffing partner that understands both their environment and how to implement advanced sourcing and screening practices.

A key factor in our success has been working together with our clients to create a compelling marketing strategy that we use as a recruiting tool to differentiate our clients from other employers.

We will work with you to build on your strengths as an employer and ensure that your organization is highly valued in the eyes of prospective employees in this region.  We are committed to continuous improvement based on the current trends and best practices.

We attract the most qualified candidates with aggressive recruiting and advertising, tapping into the best talent in the market.

leave the details to us

Our screening process is broad and deep.  In a smaller market where organizations have access to the same candidate pool, screening is the key factor in keeping your organization safe and productive.  Our comprehensive screening process will reduce your turnover, essentially saving you money and liability.

let workplace build the team that works for you

We take the time to meet with every client and every candidate in person.  We carefully document the unique needs of each business partner and the details about each candidate’s hard and soft skills, experience, and personality to ensure we align the right talent with the right job.

 To learn more about our temp-to-hire services, call us today at 815.961.0500!

experience & knowledge

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff focus on the details and subtleties that often don’t surface in a standard interview or through reviewing a resume. Our exhaustive screening process serves to eliminate the disruption caused by ineffective and inadequate selection practices.

Above all, we are committed to placing no one in harm’s way. This corporate value establishes a safety culture throughout our organization and ensures that our customers are equally committed to worker safety.